Tuesday, 9 June 2015

One month on

A month ago yesterday David Cameron walked back into Downing Street as the leader of a Conservative majority government. On that day the British people placed our trust in the Conservative party to secure a better future for all of us, and to bring Britain together again as one nation. Already the next stages of the Conservatives’ long-term plan to do this are taking shape.

Those of us who work in and around the Westminster village can become too fixated on things that, while interesting, mean the bigger picture gets missed. At the moment the ‘big story’ in Westminster is about ‘splits’ in the Conservative party on the issue of ‘Europe’. Yet, while the press try to find MPs to dispute detailed procedural points, the Conservatives have quietly got on with delivering their manifesto commitments to help people have a better life.

In the first Queen’s Speech announcing their plans for Government, the Conservatives reaffirmed their commitment not raise income tax, national insurance or VAT. Instead, David Cameron will deliver his commitment to cutting income tax on lower and middle earners. The result of this will be that someone working 30 hours on the minimum wage will pay no income tax at all, and more people will have the financial security to plan for the future they want for themselves and their families.

The Cameron Government is also helping more people achieve the dream of owning their own home. Its Help to Buy scheme is helping hard working people on their deposits, and its Right to Buy extension is giving more people extra control over their lives and a chance to have more of a stake in our society.

Additionally, the Government is continuing to take the difficult decisions to keep our economy. Thanks to the confidence created by George Osborne dealing with our deficit, Britain has created 2 million jobs since David Cameron became Prime Minister. Giving businesses the confidence to keep investing in Britain is essential to helping more people enjoy the security of a regular pay packet.

When he won the 2015 General Election, David Cameron said he had been given a ‘sacred trust’ by the British people. We, as one nation, had placed in his hands our hopes for a good life for ourselves, our families and our county. The vagaries of the 24 hour news cycle means sometimes the Westminster village may forget that. However, the British people can be confident that the Prime Minister and his team never will.

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